a call to aspiring founding engineers


at base case, we are extremely passionate about helping connect the talented folks in our network with the incredible companies in our portfolio. yet joining a startup as a founding engineer is a different ball game altogether: it can be life-changing, but comes with a lot of risk. i know this because my co-founder ankur joined memsql as the 2nd engineer and rose to the vp of engineering before founding his company impira.

we're here to de-risk that for you. we're building a program to help you better understand the early-stage startup ecosystem, figure out what you want to do next, and build relationships with other entrepreneurial engineers. in the process, we'll connect you to top-notch mentors who have been in your shoes and fully-vetted founders who are hiring their founding engineers.


the program will roughly consist of:

  1. a mix of in-person & virtual events to allow you to connect with a curated set of founders who are making their first engineering hires
  2. a dedicated mentor who has been part of the founding engineering team at a startup to help you navigate the process
  3. behind-the-scenes help with interview prep, diligence, negotiation, etc.

interested in learning more? reach out to me to chat!


  1. how do i know if i'm a good fit for this program?

if you are an engineer with at least 2 years of full time experience, have the desire to work at a startup with fewer than 10 engineers at some point in the next year, or are interested in someday starting a company yourself, you sound like a great fit.

  1. i'm interested, but not actively looking to change roles at the moment. can i still participate?

yes! the program has no hard start or end date. my goal is to work with people who have some feeling deep down in their soul that they belong at a startup. if there's a chance you could meet the perfect company and have everything fall into place, then it's worth participating.

  1. i'm interested, but not located in the bay area this summer. can i still participate?

absolutely! we will have a mix of in-person and virtual events. you will still get paired with a mentor, meet companies, and can interview 100% remotely if you'd like.

  1. can i still run my own process with other companies?

totally! you are free to meet and interview with any companies you wish. my goal is just to introduce you to a curated set of some of the best early stage companies and help you navigate the process.

  1. who are the mentors? what will the relationship be like?

we have an incredible and diverse set of mentors, who have all been part of founding teams at companies like nuro, impira, census, & more. i'll work with you to pair you with the most relevant mentor. from there, you can really spend as much or as little time as you wish with your mentor.

  1. what are some of the companies that will be participating?

there are six companies participating in the program: beacons, eraser, june, openlytics, orb, & supergrain.